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- We will select 5-10 pieces of merchandise to deliver to you. 

- We will get your credit card and personal information*. 

- You take the products home and have 3 days (72 hours from pick-up) to decide what you would like to keep. 

- Each delivery will have a packing slip enclosed with products and pricing on it. Select what you would like to return and what you would like to keep on this packing slip. 

- Return the products you do now want to keep, along with the packing slip, to CKS in the box they were delivered to you. 

- We will charge you for the items you kept on the credit card you gave us.*


Deliveries: If you live in Buena Vista town limits we can deliver the items to your address. If you would like to pick the items up at CKS we can deliver them outside our store in the back alley. 


Contact us at 719-395-9206 or or CLICK HERE to start! 

*Personal Information = photo of your driver’s license and phone number.  Items not returned in 72 hours from pick up/ delivery will be charged to the credit card. Items returned not in the original condition they were received will be charged to your credit card. Pet hair, stains, and general disregard for the wellbeing of our merchandise is considered damage. Damaged items will be charged to your card.


Safety protocol for returned items: Our staff will handle all clothing with gloves on to avoid contamination. Once returned, we will hold the items in a quarantine zone in the back of our store where they cannot be touched for 4 days. 


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